What do our patients have to say?

Warren R
I had back surgery at the end of March, I started Aqua therapy 2 weeks later. The warm water and the gentle resistance does wonders for your pain and healing. You will gain strength and confidence quickly as you increase your speed and stamina on the underwater treadmill. After 6 weeks, I graduated to "land" and the kind of PT / Yoga stretching therapy has been great for not only my back but overall core strength and wellbeing. It's not your everyday PT, I'm sold on the Yoga! The staff is very attentive to individual needs of each client, and I can't imagine a better outcome for recovery than what I'm receiving and see others achieving as well. Body works is the way to go. Highly recommended.
Michele E.
I fired my pain management doctor who did nothing for me and ordered physical therapy at an organization I had already been to and they did nothing for me. Body Works did a thorough intake and tuned into my issues. Day one of therapy and although I still have pain, at least I found some relief from the pain. Thank you, Keith, and the Body Works staff for caring about your patients and thank you for giving me hope.
Sandra B.
Always look forward to going, my daughter and I go together and we both enjoy our time there, this therapy is definitely improving our lives...
Donna W.
Each visit to the Bodyworks wan invigorating, friendly, helpful, informative! If your body is need of a watchful eye with instruction, you won't find a better spot!
Jeff K.
The pool is amazing and the only one like it around the twin tiers. It is private and you don’t have other people watching you work out, I have not been able to do anything physical without sever pain for nearly 2 years due to a back injury. I was a very active person before my injury. The pool has a treadmill that gives me the ability to walk almost pain free and I am so grateful for that. The therapist is very knowledgeable and caring. I highly recommend Body Works.
Barbara S.
I went here for lower back pain, and LOVED it! Stretching and walking in 94-degree water feels wonderful. I highly recommend it.
Claire C.
Lisa is wonderful with her clients. She pushed them to their limits in a kind and loving way. The pool is amazing. The warms water allows her patients to begin the process of moving. Overall, one of the best experiences I have ever had with a physical therapist. My mom loves going there, and she is enjoying life so much more!